Al Kredit

About Startup
Compare loans and apply online to most efficient one!
The project started in 2013. All major banks’ loans are reflected in site with various types of filters. helping to compare loans, and assisting you to apply online to the most suitable one for you.
Now you can apply to a loan without leaving your workplace, the bank itself will call you back.

1.Elshad Yusifli
After graduating from the University of Gazi in Ankara, he worked in Istanbul in Digital Marketing company for a long time. Elshad started his telecom engineering career in Teliasonera Azercell starting from 2007 and lasted for 5 years.
Then he dive to startup world, started with his first successful Nettrends project and currently working on Moreover, he is a founder of starup project.
2.Jahangir Abdullayev
He graduated from the Faculty of Information Technologies of the Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.
Currently, he is a master student of Azerbaijan Technical University.
Jahangir took place in creation of information systems in few government agencies. At present, he is software engineer in one of the leading banks.
3.Rashad Eyvazov
After graduating from the Baku State University, he started in Baku Exchange Stock Market as an IT engineer.Then he transferred to bank sector and worked in several IT management positions in leading banks.